I work in a paediatric clinic – some names were so bad, one family even named all their kids after booze | The Sun

PICKING the perfect baby name is a unique journey for every parent.

Some want to pass on family traditions, while other parents want to go for a unique baby name.

And one paediatric clinic worker has revealed the worst names they have come across in their job.

Taking anonymously to Reddit, the employee said: "Every single one of these is a real, unfortunate child."

They revealed that they had one child called 'Major Paine', a somewhat fitting name depending on your child's behaviour.

'Prime Minister' – we're guessing the parents have high hopes for their kid's profession.


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And one set of twins was called Menage and A'Trois.

But one of the worst sets of names the paediatric clinic worker had to be four children all named after different alcoholic beverages.

They recalled the names were: "-Courvoisier, (with siblings Seagrams, Cognac, Brandy and Coors.)

"Let me try to remember more, but these are the ones that have burned into my brain."

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People were left stunned by the names and quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Damn. Brandy is the lucky one… imagine being named “coors” smh."

Another commented: "Major Paine's mum clearly didn't have a good labour experience."

"Brandy got off light there," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Menage (twin sister A'Trois).

"WHAT THE F**K, Do not name your children after a sex act! Even if that's how they were conceived!"

Someone else added: "There were two "rocker" babies in my kid's baby group, a Floyd (Pink Floyd) and an Axel (Axl Rose – so kudos to the parents for at least using that spelling, not Axl). In both cases the rocker link was deliberate, the parents were music fans."

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