I work in pet insurance and have seen the craziest pet names – people have a thing for naming dogs after their uncle | The Sun

WE’RE all guilty of giving our pets over-the-top and embarrassing nicknames.

But it turns out some people take it one step further and give their pets outlandish official names.

From secret agent identities to naming pooches after uncles, experts at Figopet said they have seen it all.

One woman from the company took to Tik Tok to expose pet names like Definitely A Cat, Fax Machine, Tractor and Medicine. 

A popular theme on Figopet’s records is pets having a title before their name – such as Mr Business, Mr Chin Man and Mr Charlie Bourbon Weissman.

But the pet names that got everyone talking were those named after uncles.

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Owners opted for names like Uncle Baby, Uncle Buck and Uncle Leo.

Figopet also has an Uncle Phil, Uncle Rico and Uncle Ron in its books.

Foodies were likely to name their four-legged friends after food, with pooches being named Meatball, Meatloaf and Chik’n.

One outlandish owner chose the name Chillie Cheese Kiessel With Bacon for their beloved pet, while another kept things simple with French Fry. 

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Pet lovers were fascinated by the selection of unique names and flocked to the comments to weigh in.

One joked: “Definitely A Cat sounds like a name I’d give a rabbit or a dog.”

Another said: “I’m gonna be laughing about Uncle Baby for days.”

A third penned: "These are hilarious, keep them coming."

In another video, the pet insurer had everyone talking about the name Specimen. 

One questioned: “Is no one going to talk about Specimen?”

Another viewer suggested this could be a popular name or nickname for pets as her in-laws use it for their Golden Retriever. 

They responded: “My in-laws use the name Specimen as a nickname for their male golden because there are just no thoughts behind his eyes.”

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Some pooches and moggies were even given titles saved for those of noble rank.

These included Lord Theodore and Lord Van Buren. 

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