I'm 22 and my mom is 56 – we could be twins, people mistake us for each other at first glance | The Sun

A MOTHER-DAUGHTER duo has left audiences seeing double with a series of TikTok videos that demonstrate how exactly alike they look.

It's easy to see where TikTok star Gabriella Vigorito, 22, gets her good looks, fashion sense and magnetic personality from.

Her mom Catherine Galasso-Vigorito, 56, is an author and former pageant queen, who won the Miss Connecticut title in 1988 and competed in Miss USA.

In the first TikTok video, Gabriella faced the camera while her mother stood with her back turned.

The caption hinted at what was to come, quoting the comments Catherine and Gabriella have heard over the years.

"You look exactly like your mom," one said, while another chimed in with "Y'all could be sisters."

When Gabriella finished touching up her hair, Catherine turned around, revealing her near-identical face and a mountain of cascading curls.

The family members stunned again in matching Barbie-pink ensembles, mouthing along to lines from the movie Mean Girls.

Catherine lip-synched to lines originally spoken by Gretchen Wieners, while Gabriella took on the persona of queen bee Regina George.

But the two were left grinning at the end of the video, with no real animosity in sight.

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The mom and daughter are constantly told they look alike, Gabriella explainedCredit: TikTok/gabriella_vigorito
People assume they're sisters, not mother and childCredit: TikTok/gabriella_vigorito

The pink bustier tops were accented with two sets of gorgeous chandelier earrings – both identical, of course.

Viewers filled the comment section with praise, congratulating Gabriella on her good genetics and lauding Catherine for aging so gracefully.

"Whelp, we know who you got your looks from," said one fan, who called them both beautiful.

Another person joked about Catherine cloning herself. "Mommy said copy paste," she wrote.

Fans of Gabriella's content actually didn't recognize what was happening at first glance.

One person assumed that Gabriella used a filter to duplicate herself.

"I didn’t get that it was your mom and there weren't two of you the first watching," an astonished commenter admitted.

"I didn’t even look at the name and thought, 'Dang she looks like an older Gabby,'" another fan confessed. "Then you popped in."

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Even after the mischievous mom and daughter uncovered their ruse, some refused to believe what they were seeing.

"Nah, you're definitely twin sisters," a fan insisted.

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