I'm 23 and retired – earn $10k a month thanks to a business I set up when I was broke, here’s how you can too

ARE YOU fed up of working a boring 9-5 office job and barely having enough money once your bills are paid?

Well, one woman has taken to TikTok to share her story of how she retired at the age of just 23.

Yes, you read that correctly – she no longer works a full-time job at the age of just 23.

Alejandra Velasquez, 23, is a multi-six-figure earner and shares her top tips for becoming as successful as she is to her TikTok account.

She went from being broke, miserable, working two jobs and dropping out of college, to earning $10k a month.

She explained: “A year ago I decided I was not going to college or work for anyone else again.

“I was tired of being broke and working two jobs.

“I took a risk and started my online business.

“Ignored everyone that said ‘go to college and be successful’.

“Started investing and affiliate marketing.

“Six months later I became a six figure earner with seven sources of income.

“Became my own boss and started helping other girls do the same.

“When you are retired at 23 years old and make $10k a month through multiple sources of income.”

To put it simply, Alejandra says that the one thing that is making young people rich is “crypto”.

She said: “Ah I love you crypto.”

So the simple question – how is Alejandra making so much money?

She explains: “Crypto currency, affiliate marketing, binary trading, Instagram growth, Forex and stocks.”

For those looking for a more flexible source of income, Alejandra explains how to make $10k a month – she said: “Start an online business.

“Get a mentor that has what you want and learn from them.

“Believe in yourself and go all in.

“Escape the 9-5/college rat race and live the life you want.

“This is the life I built for myself by taking a risk.”

Alejandra has made a lot of TikTok videos about her success and made one answering common questions she often gets asked as a six figure earner with an online business.

One common question is: “Is your business a scam?” to which Alejandra said: “No, we are publicly traded in the market”.

Another is: “So all you do is travel and money?” to which she confirmed: “Yes, make money all online and help people do the same while travelling.”

Other people have asked: “Did you have to invest or is it free?”, to which Alejandra states: “Invest. It takes money to make money.”


When explaining what her online business has done for her, Alejandra explains: “Gives me seven different sources of income.

“Helps me help others do the same.

“Became my own boss.

“Found my purpose.

“Made me $150k+ this year and connected me with millionaires.

“Financial freedom.”

Clearly Alejandra’s success has impressed numerous people, as her TikTok has racked up a whopping 120.9k likes.

Many people were intrigued by Alejandra’s success and wanted to know more.
One person said: “Teach me your ways.”

Another added: “Where do I start?!”

A third commented: “My dream, I’m tired of struggling.”

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