I'm 23 but I got ID'd because they thought I was under TWELVE – I might appreciate it when I'm older but I hate it now | The Sun

IT's a major perk when you're older.

But if you're 23, having a baby face can be more than a little embarrassing.

At least, that's what Cara found when she went to the airport and got ID'd by authorities.

"The woman at TSA just stopped me and asked, '12 or under?'" Cara wrote over a video of herself open-mouthed in shock.

"Miss, I am 23!" she captioned the clip.

And other young-looking people were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in the video, and share their own experiences.

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"This happens to me every time," one wrote.

"'Are you over 12 bud?' When I said I was 18 the TSA man LAUGHED at me."

"Okay I’m on a plane right now and they wouldn’t let me on cuz they thought I was an unaccompanied minor! I’m 28!" another added.

"It is a horrible club we are apart of. I keep holding out hope I’ll appreciate it in 20 years haha," a third commented.

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While someone else wrote: "Two weeks ago a teacher at the school where I work asked if I had an elevator pass (students need them). I stared and finally said '…I’m 31.'"

"This comment section is honestly healing me because I thought I was the only 23 year old who struggled with looking young," another said.

"I was asked that on my honeymoon flight," someone else admitted.

As another wrote: "I had the same thing happen to me at a restaurant.

"She looked at me and my older sister and asked if I wanted a kids menu."

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