I’m 24 and have dentures – I’m not a druggy despite what trolls say and popping my teeth out to scare people is funny | The Sun

A TOOTHLESS woman whose teeth fell out aged 19 told how she finds popping her dentures out to scare people funny. 

Natalie Lacasse has experienced people stopping mid-sentence when talking to her to stare at her mouth and is used to trolls suggesting she is a drug addict. 

The 23-year-old lost her adult teeth when she was just 19-years-old and was “not fun to be around”… until she started to accept her “new normal”.

“Pop your teeth out, scare kids, do whatever makes you happy with them,” she said. “My dentures should be the last reason to not smile.”

Natalie first noticed her nashers were in dire condition when one of her incisors snapped while she was drinking coffee. 

“I took a sip out of my coffee mug and half of my front tooth just snapped out,” she recalled. “Just completely fell into my mouth.

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“A lot of people suggest I’ve been a drug addict.”

However, Natalie’s teeth actually fell out following a car accident in 2017 when she was 18-years-old. 

“I didn’t think I was hurt, but the next morning I could barely walk,” she told Truly. “My lower back felt like it was shredded apart.

“Doctors prescribed me with a morphine-hybrid. About a week after taking the medication, my stomach was on fire. 

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“Almost everything I was eating was a hot, deep, burning, stabbing sensation – like if you ate chemical cleaners.”

The disruption in her gut caused Natalie, from British Columbia, Canada, to vomit multiple times a day.

She would brush her teeth after every time she was sick, which meant she was “brushing all that stomach acid into her teeth and gums”.

“It completely obliterated my enamel,” Natalie said. 

Her nashers began to turn transparent and brittle, but as it wasn’t causing any pain, she didn’t pay any attention to the changes. 

A year later, she began to lose her teeth one-by-one. 

The first one happened when she bumped a mug into her lip while drinking coffee and her front tooth “snapped out”.

“That’s when I realised my other teeth already had little chips and little parkings,” Natalie recalled. 

Fast forward five years, she has 15 teeth left in her mouth and wears a denture. 

Three are hidden wisdom teeth and the other 11 are decayed and broken, which could fall out at any time.

Most people have all 32 permanent teeth by the age of 21, according to WedMD. 

Natalie is determined to change people’s perception of having dentures at a young age and uses laughter to heal. 

“I think when people first hear dentures, they think, ‘old person’,” she said. “You associate it with bad hygiene, or you know, not taking care of your teeth.

“There’s so many reasons you can have dentures.”

She used to hide her mouth and refuse to leave the house without dentures, but has now grown to love her new look and has no issues being toothless in public. 

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Natalie urged other youngsters in her position to be patient and kind to themselves.

“Dentures do not mean the end of smiling,” she said. “If anything, dentures are just another reason to keep smiling.”

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