I'm 40 but I look half my age – when I go out with my 20-year-old daughter, people think we're a couple | The Sun

THIS 40-year-old man who looks half his age has revealed an awkward interaction that happens while he and his daughter are out in public.

The cliché, looks can be deceiving, has never been more true when it comes to this father-daughter duo.

Coach Eddy, a TikTok influencer who goes by @lifecoacheddy, posted a video with his 20-year-old daughter.

The video poked fun at something that can be quite embarrassing – a father and daughter being mistaken as a couple.

Eddy's daughter appeared first in the video with the words: "20 year old daughter that looks 30," popping up on the screen to describe her.

Next up was Eddy who came into the shot with the words: "40 year old dad that looks 20," on the screen.

They both enter the screen in the final shot, dancing as the words: "Gets mistaken for a couple everytime we go out," appeared.

Eddy wrote in the caption of the video: "No Cap…." which means he is not lying.

One commenter asked the "important question," is the father single?

To which Eddy replied: "Yes he is," followed by an eyes emoji.

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Other viewers wanted to pounce on this opportunity.

One wrote: "Are you looking for step mom [heart face and laughing face emoji]."

Another responded to that comment: "Now that's a question that needed to be asked."

Someone else offered: "Do you need a STEPMOM. Cause I volunteered myself," with a raised hand emoji.

"Dad is wayyyyy to handsome," another admirer wrote.

One viewer said the father and daughter both looked good, claiming "ITS THE GENES."

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