I’m 61 & my husband's 24 – we WILL have a baby, despite trolls' rude comments… our surrogacy journey starts this month | The Sun

THEIRS is anything but a conventional relationship.

But Cheryl McCain, 61, and her husband Quran, 24, are continuing to ignore the haters, and are now in the early stages of starting their own family.

They've never made a secret of wanting to have a baby together, but Cheryl took to TikTok this week to reveal that their "surrogacy journey" starts this month.

People in the comments section of the video were quick to comment on the pair's family plans, with one writing: "imagine them going to parent conference."

"If I was a teacher at their school I would call social services," another added.

While a third wrote: "That poor kid."

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Others weighed in on Quran apparently having dyed his hair to make him look older.

"I started to think that he likes this and not be forced…He even dyed his hair to look older like her lol," one wrote.

"why did he try to look older?" someone else questioned.

While a third asked: "did you dye your hair like that to look like her?"

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Cheryl, who has previously had seven children, told Closer magazine recently that she and Quran are willing to spend up to £120,000 to have a baby together via surrogacy.

"He's always wanted children and I want to be the mother to his child," she said.

"Of course, because of my age we'll have to get a surrogate or adopt which we're looking into."

Quran met Cheryl when he was just 15, when he was working at her son Chris' fast food restaurant; Dairy Queen in Rome, Georgia, US.

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He came into where Cheryl was working as a cashier and they began dating in 2020, with Quran proposing in July 2021.

They eloped to Tennessee in September that year, with only two friends present.

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