I’m 66 but I dress and live like I’m 29 – people say I don’t look ‘anywhere close’ to my real age | The Sun

AGE is just a number that shouldn't prevent you from dressing (or living) authentically.

That's how one stylish 66-year-old feels – she prefers to think of herself as permanently 29 and loving every minute.

From her fashion choices to the dances she regularly posts to TikTok, Anna (@annab448) is in tune with the youth culture.

At 66, she's a mom to three boys, and cherishes her five grandkids.

But she also takes time for herself, like a recent dance break she shared with her followers.

Dressed in a graphic T-shirt and distressed jeans, Anna shimmied to the beat, grinning beneath her blonde bangs.


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She admitted in the caption that she's always "thinking, dressing, acting and living life as if I'm a 29-year-old born in 1956."

Every once in a while, someone makes mention of her age – but it doesn't matter.

"When I'm reminded that I'm actually 66, I say I don't give a bleep," she proudly added.

Anna promised that she plans to live like a 29-year-old for as long as she can, and viewers said it shouldn't be a problem.

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"Girl, you are aging beautifully," wrote one admirer.

"You have the secret to eternal youth," said another, writing about Anna's great attitude.

Some were skeptical about her claims. One person said, "You don’t look anywhere close to 66."

Another encouraged Anna to stick with her healthy habits, including dancing daily and keeping a sunny outlook.

They wrote, "Just be you, young lady."

Other people around Anna's age flooded the comments, including a fellow 66-year-old who wanted to befriend her.

"I wish we could get together and party," she said. "You look awesome and young."

And one sixty-something man said, "I'm the oldest teenager in my town."

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Anna might be breaking convention, but she's staying true to herself, and that's what seemed to inspire commenters the most.

"Looking amazing," a fan said. "Keep being the beautiful you that you are!"

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