I’m a baby name expert and there’s seven ‘unique’ girls names that people always regret choosing for their kids | The Sun

A BABY names expert has revealed seven names that parents regret naming their children because they are a lot more common than they think. 

The baby naming pro says seven 'unique' names are on the rise but

Colleen shared the list in a TikTok video online. 

The baby expert said: “This is a list of girls' names that might feel unique but beware because they are some of the fastest rising girl names from 2022.”

“This list embodies so many different trends going on right now starting with Wrenlee as the perfect example.”

Colleen explained the name jumped from number 1420 in the American list of most popular names to number 712.

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She said: “This is a huge jump, this is not my taste nor is it a name I have ever recommended but there is something out there for everyone.”

Colleen explained the name is in a category of invented names.

She said: “Lee is a very popular, trendy ending for names right now, Everly, Brinley, Hadley.”

“This also a different spelling of a name that's already popular, Wrenley spelled Ley in the 2000’s.”

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Colleen says if you have a little girl named Georgina then her name is not as unique as you may think.

“I like this, I love the nickname Georgie, Georgia has gotten more popular so this is a good alternative, very Gossip Girl, very vintage femme reminds me of names like Louise or Allegra.”

Beetlejuice fans may not be surprised to learn then next name on the list is Winona.


Colleen said: “Little vintage-y, little country. I’m not sure about it, I feel like I should like it.”

Next up is Scottie, and the baby names expert said it is "very cute" and "very on trend with gender neutral names". She added: "It's a good replacement for Charlie, which has gotten popular for girls.”

“For people who like a more formal name you could choose Scarlett, or Prescott with the nickname Scotty.”

Colleen says a lot of parents are naming their kids Marigold.

She said: “Very on trend with nature inspired whimsical names, Goldie’s a cute nickname.”

Another whimsical name which has risen through the ranks Elowen.

Colleen said: “Very Ethereal , whimsical sort of fantastical but so many names with that EL sound are doing well right now.”

It seems a lot of parents are naming their kids after Princess Charlotte as well with the name Lottie. 

Colleen said: “So cute vintage charm.”

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Colleen acknowledges not everyone will regret these names but they are rising in popularity.

“They are uncommon names but just be aware that they’re on the rise and they could get hotter.”

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