I’m a baby naming pro and these are the top so far for this year – would you add them to your list? | The Sun

CHOOSING the perfect name for your little one is a pretty big decision.

On the one hand, you want something not everyone else will have, but on the other hand, you might not want to it be so different your tot ends up hating it.

So far this year, parents are going with some more whimsical names, according to baby name consultant Steph Coffield.

She explained on her TikTok account (@nameswithsteph) what some of the top picks are for 2023 – and they might surprise you.

The up and coming baby names from Name Berry include gems like Artemis, Ash and Avani, all of which Steph loved.

"Greek mythology inspired names are so popular right now, this is 100 percent going to trend," she said.


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Another winner for the name whizz included Eyre, especially since Kylie Jenner named her son Aire and they're both pronounced the same.

Miller is also a good pick for both boys and girls, and Odette, Otto and Ozzy are also set to be popular this year.

"I think Wednesday is going to be big for obvious reason," Steph said, referring to the Netflix smash hit show of the same name.

But the pro's five favourite trending names are: Callahan, Idalia, Miller, Truett and Ziggy.

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Meanwhile, some of the names she doesn't see being big despite making the list include: Azael, Cielo, Harold and Rocky.

Steph also thought some names could go either way, like Avani, Elowyn, Faye, Leif and Maude.

Penny and Teddy also fall into the category for the pro, who confessed she doesn't have strong feelings about the picks and doesn't find her clients using them very often.

Other TikTok users loved the suggestions though, and confessed some of the names have been on their own lists for ages.

One commented: "Elowen has been on my list! I love the potential for Ellie or Wennie as nicknames."

"My girl is due in three weeks and is Miller Kate," a second quipped.

A third said: "Wednesday is on my list, absolutely obsessed with it."

"I just had a baby and names her Odette, kind of cool to see here name on here," a new mum wrote.

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