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IT turns out that we’ve been drying ourselves all wrong and there’s some key places that we are forgetting to dry when getting out of the shower or bath. 

Beauty fan Pia Hancle, who has 22.1k followers and 540.8k likes on TikTok, recently took to the video sharing platform to share the places that many people forget to dry.

But not only are you forgetting to pat down these areas, but it could also be the reason that you smell bad too.

Pia explained that when extra moisture gets into crevices, it can cause odour to build up – which is why you might think that you smell a bit grim even though you washed your body not long before.

Pia posted her clip with the caption ‘We have to dry our body properly in order to stay fresh all day. These are places we commonly forget to dry properly when we get out of the shower’.

She said: “There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re not drying your body properly – no doubt.

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“When we dry our bodies properly, we stay fresh throughout the day, for way longer, so let’s talk about the body parts that you probably didn’t dry properly when you got out of the shower today.

“Between your toes – yeah, you dried your foot but you probably didn’t go between your toes.

“Under your breasts – yes, girl I’m a regular person with regular breasts but sometimes water gets underneath it and you need to dry it properly.

“Make sure you run your towel underneath there and get rid of the excess moisture.

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“Right at the tip of the butt crack – babes, when you get out the shower just touch right at the tip of your bum there’s always moisture there.

“Make sure you’re getting it with your towel because wherever there’s extra moisture, you know what builds up.

“Your armpit – I know, obviously we dry it, but we need to get in there and take all the extra moisture.

“It’s a closed space, so if moisture is underneath there – what do you think is going to build up?

“And finally, the vagina – yep, we dry it, but stand in front of a fan after you shower, it will get rid of all the extra moisture on your body”.

Pia’s video has clearly impressed many, as at the time of writing, the video had been posted on TikTok for just one day, but had already racked up an impressive 623.4k views.

It had 110.3k likes, 401 comments and 163 shares. 

TikTok users were thankful for the tips and many took to the comments to open up on their shower habits. 

One person said: “I do all of these except the toes, would’ve never thought to go in between” to which Pia confirmed “Yeah man.. it’s overlooked a lot.. we all do it sometimes.. it's a habit some of us are still getting together”. 

Another added: “Omggggg yesssss EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!! I had to learn this over time”. 

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A third commented: “I love you for this. Thank youu”. 

Whilst someone else asked: “Hmmm. I normally leave my body damp for the lotion. Is that bad?” to which Pia said “No it’s not…Just the creases and crevices you don't want excess moisture lodged in them because you can chafe and it can also cause odour”.

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