I'm a bridal stylist – the 5 mistakes I'd never make, including footwear I wouldn't wear to try on dresses | The Sun

A BRIDAL stylist has revealed the five mistakes that she would never make if she was getting fitted for a wedding dress.

The expert shared the common mistakes that people make, including footwear that simply wouldn't work during a wedding fitting.

Brea, an employee of a wedding boutique, (@adorebridals) shared the advice in a video with over 120,000 TikTok followers.

First, she explained that she would never fill her day full of back-to-back bridal appointments due to the stress and uncertainty.

As a bridal stylist employee, she also understood the importance of keeping the party small in the room when trying on dresses.

"I would never bring everyone I know, just the most important few," she said.

Once your party has been determined, Brea advised against a cheesy move, as it would serve as a minor inconvenience.

"I would never bring yes or no signs for my couch crew," she said.

Also at the top of important things to know before bridal shopping is knowing your budget, she said.

"I will never go bridal shopping without determining my price point first," she said, frowning at the critical mistake.

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Last but not least, she revealed that footwear — or lack thereof — was extremely important on the day of dress fittings: "I would never wear heels or shoes while trying on dresses," she said.

Brea explained that footwear would actually hinder the process of selecting the right dress.

"The dresses will not be tailored to you, and you will be trying on many dresses during your appointment," she said.

"Shoes will make it harder, wearing some cute, neutral-colored socks will be perfect!"

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