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CHRISTMAS is the time of giving – but for many parents, the thought of more toys and books cluttering the house is too much to bare.

While you might be tempted to have a thorough clear out after the festive season, a car boot sale expert reveals there might be some bits worth holding onto and selling.

Sonny Green, 27, is a seasoned car boot seller after starting selling at them 20 years ago.

The car boot pro from Southend-on-Sea, England, started when he was eight, helping his mum draw in buyers.

Now, the car boot sale expert shares his top tips with Fabulous and reveals the items you should keep after Christmas instead of throwing them out.

He says: “It’s important not to throw anything away unless it’s definitely rubbish, one, you can turn that cash into cash, and two, it’s bad for the environment to just throw things away.


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“Taking it to a car boot sale can give it a new lease of life.”

Stuffed Toys

Anything nostalgic sells well says Sonny, so things from the 90s like Beanie Babies, Hello Kitty, and Pokemon toys.

The car boot sale expert adds these often sell straight away and you can often get around £40 for them.

He adds: “People who have grown up and make money now want to buy what they want from their childhood.

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"It's all about being specific, not all toys and teddies are good, so it’s worth doing your research.

"The more you learn the more you earn."

Unwanted gifts

Sometimes people give us gifts and they just don't hit the mark.

But if you've been gifted a perfume, opened it, and decided you hate it, don't worry, you can still sell it and get something you actually like.

Sonny says you can still sell these bottles at car boot sales, and even online.

He explains: "Perfume does so well (at car boot sales), as well as aftershave, even if you’ve got a little bit left, you can still sell it.

"Lots of people collect perfume bottles or want a certain perfume that’s no longer available so you can still sell an empty bottle and make some cash back."


Most people are gifted clothes at Christmas and decide to purge their wardrobe to make way for the new additions.

But there's one particular clothing item Sonny recommends keeping hold of.

He explains: "Some things may not be worth anything so it’s best to take it to a charity shop or recycle centres.

"But old football shirts are great, you can get £100 or more so never throw out old sportswear."


More and more kids are being gifted tablets and iPads for Christmas, which means there's no need for a DVD player anymore.

But the car boot sale pro reveals that instead of throwing it away, you should try selling it.

"DVD players and VHS recorders are worth around £80 as they aren’t made anymore," he explains.

"If you have one lying around that works it’s definitely worth selling at a car boot sale or online."


While the idea of getting new kitchenware for Christmas might not be a thrilling Christmas present, it does come in handy.

but before you throw away your old pots and pans it's definitely worth keeping hold of them to sell.

Sonny says: "Le Creuset are the number one sellers, you can resell frying pans and saucepans – but you have to make sure they’re in good condition."

As well as your pots and pans, Sonny says it's worth checking your cutlery.

He adds: "Some cutlery is actually solid silver and worth 50p a gram – I’ve sold knives and forks for £40/£50 because it’s solid silver.

"People want to throw them out, and forget they’re actually worth money."

But there's one kitchen item that isn't worth bringing along.

"Don't bother with mugs unless they’re from a good brand, they rarely sell," he reveals.


Another item that your kids will most likely receive this Christmas is books – and lots of them.

While it's tempting to just put them in the recycling bin Sonny says they're worth keeping until you can get around to doing a car boot sale.

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He adds that not all of them will sell for a lot of money, but it's worth looking online to see if they are.

The car boot sale pro adds: "The full Harry Potter set can sell for £100, but first edition ones can be worth thousands so it’s worth checking if you have them, especially the Philosopher's stone."

Top tips for first timers

Bring a rail for clothes

Make sure you have lots of change 

Always be willing to haggle and do a deal everyone wants a pound off, so don't be stuck on your price

Boot sale banter – talk to people and don't take yourself too seriously and enjoy yourself

Be happy, happy people make more sales

Good presentation – bring a fold-up table and if something is worth money present it properly and bring wipes to clean items

If it rains – don’t bother going

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