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A CAR BOOT sale pro shared her top ten tips for bagging the best bargains and, yes, you do need to write a llist.

Savvy shopper Alix, who uses the handle @thebootsalekid on TikTok, ran through the must-know insider info for any boot sale beginners.

Her advice included the amount of money you bring and the route you should be taking around the stalls.

Taking to TikTok, she said: "I've got ten hints, tips, things to share so here goes."

1. Write a list

First off the TikToker suggested making sure you note down the key items you're keeping an eye out for.

Alix said: "If there's something you're after or if you're planning ahead for birthdays or Christmases just write it down.

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"Because if you've got a brain like me and you wander around – you tend to forget things."

2. Go early

Next the car boot whizz insisted that you run the risk of missing out on the best deals if you turn up late.

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She said: "When it opens that is when you should go. This is because they get so busy that they're going to sell everything.

"So if you're going to wander up at 10am, all the good stuff is going to be gone. So if you can – get there early."

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3. Take change with you

Alix advised that you should always make sure you're carrying smaller coins as well as your notes.

She said: "You don't want to be going to a stall with a £20 note for somethingthat's 50p.

"Because the likelihood is they don't have that much change or they're going to be annoyed that you've just taken all their change."

4. Take a trolley

The TikToker said how important it was to bring something to help you carry your purchases.

She said: "There's nothing worse than having bags of stuff – having to put them down to then have a rummage or worse putting your bag down and people thinking it's belonging to the stall like 'hey that's my stuff!'

"If you got a trolley, or you can use a suitcase if you have one. Personally for me I find it easier to have a trolley."

As requested here are my top 10 tips & hints for buying at the car bootsale.-1. Be Write a list2. Go early3. Take lots of change4. Take a trolly5. Take water/snacks6. Wear comfy shoes 7. Haggle8. Quick glance9. Know your bootsale10. Go round again -Happy carbooting, thrifters! Feel free to add your own tips!! And apologies for being so breathless at the beginning 🤣-#bootsaletips #bootsalebuyers #secondhandtips #bootsale #sundaybootsale #carbootsale #arminghallcarboot #carboot #bootsalebuys #carbooty #bootsalefind #secondhand #reusereducerecycle#thrifty #charityshops #shopsecondhand#thebootsalekid #ibuysecondhand #buysecondhand #ishoppreloved #secondhandbutgrand #newtome #notbuyingnew #sustainableliving #sustainableshopping #secondhandfirst

5. Take water and snacks

Alix said: "If you're going to be there for a few hours and you get there at the crack of dawn – it's going to be cooler temperatures and then it'll get hot potentially.

"So you're going to need to stay hydrated."

6. Wear comfy shoes

She also explained that comfortable shoes are an absolute must for your feet.

Alix said: "You're going to be walking round either on hard ground or grass.

"Comfy shoes that you've worn before – you don't want to be getting blisters at a boot sale."

7. Haggle

Alex said: "If you feel comfortable – haggle. I don't tend to haggle purely because the boot sale is so cheap anyway.

"But if there's something you want but you're not prepared to pay that price, feel free to haggle.

"I'm sure the stall holder expect it, the worst they can say is no and you don't have to buy it."

8. Glance over stalls

For her eighth tip, Alix said that examining each and every stall is a waste of your time.

She said: "You don't have to stop at every single stall. You'll just be there forever."

9. Get to know your boot sale

Next up, the TikToker explained that you can save a lot of time if you know your way around your boot sale – especially if you identify where the regular sellers have their pitches.

She said: "This will take time. Through going around a few times you'll start noticing the same stalls and where they're located.

"For example at one end of our boot sale is always the same sellers every week and they are always selling the same stock.

"They might have new bits and stuff – but I don't tend to go down those last four or five aisles."

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10. Do another lap

Alix explained that as you walk around, new sellers could be setting up in areas you've already looked through.

Plus old sellers may have put out new stock, so walking around twice is always advisable to makesure you don't miss a great deal.

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