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AS any parent will know, dealing with your child when they're ill or have hurt themselves can be incredibly stressful and upsetting.

Lots of parents take a child first aid class before welcoming their baby into the world, but you can certainly be forgiven if you struggle to remember exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

However, there are five things that mum and Daisy First Aid's Feola McCandlish recommends every parent having close to hand to help you deal with an emergency situation calmly and quickly.

Digital thermometer

"The NHS recommends under arm thermometers for children under 5, as these will give the most accurate reading," Feola told us.

"It’s also a great idea to take your child’s temperature when they’re well so you know what’s normal for them."

While digital thermometers range greatly in price, this £2.99 one from Amazon is a great option that won't break the bank.

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Liquid antihistamine

"Liquid antihistamine isn’t recommended for children under 12 months but for slightly older children it can be very useful to have around the home and to take with you on days out," Feola explained.

"It’s great for wasp or bee stings, nettle stings, insect bites, mild
allergic reactions and eczema, as it's useful in easing the itching at night."

There are various liquid antihistamines on the market – ask your pharmacist for more information before adding one to your medicine cabinet.

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Ice pack

"Our Daisy First Aid kits contain an instant cold compress, which is great for those head bumps when you’re out and about," Feola said.

"But a top tip for when you’re at home is to pop a bag of marshmallows into a plastic food bag and freeze that for an instant ice pack.

"This will be softer on your little one’s head than a bag of peas."

It's important to also remember to never put ice directly onto the skin.

"Always wrap the cold compress in a tea towel before putting it on your little one’s head," she added.

Liquid paracetamol

Parents often turn to the Calpol when their children run a temperature or feel unwell.

But "don’t forget that you can give your little one pain relief if they hurt themselves in an accident too", Feola said.

"I always make sure we have liquid Calpol on hand at home."

A red flannel

Perhaps the most unusual of Feola's suggestions – but one that makes a lot of sense – is to keep a red flannel within easy reach.

"When a child hurts themselves it can be scary for them to see lots of blood," she explained.

"Having something red or dark to help mop up the blood can help disguise the severity of those more nasty cuts and scrapes.

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"Just make sure it’s kept nice and clean."

Daisy First Aid teach first aid classes for parents all over the UK. Click here to find your local trainer.

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