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A CHILDCARE expert has taken to TiKTok to share why she’s ditching some popular kid’s books from her classroom – including a true classic. 

Early Years Educator Megi shared a selection of the titles she’s removing from her preschool classroom, including Paddington Bear, Aladdin and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

She claims that’s because some share potentially damaging messages, while others lack inclusion and enforce stereotypes. 

The teacher, known online as @megi_learn_and_play, regularly shares parenting and educational tips with her 39,100 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “I’m going to show you why I’m getting rid of classic stories. 

“First up, The Rainbow Fish. I’m getting rid of that one because it’s actually a story about a fish who has no friends unless she gives away all her shiny scales away. 


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“It’s not a great book for children. 

“Then My Mum by Anthony Brown, and it has a page I really dislike. 

“It’s all about the mum and what she likes to do. 

“But there’s this one, ‘she’s a great painter’, she’s doing her makeup. And then, ‘she’s the strongest woman in the world’. 

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“I don’t want to show that to children. I don’t think that’s a healthy relationship because why is no one helping her? She shouldn't be doing that all by herself. 

“Rest of the pages are alright. 

“Then I’m getting rid of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I don’t like this story, it just doesn’t make sense. 

“Yes we use it all the time in early years but why? 

“I have another one that is much better that I like. I’ll show you. It’s Goldilocks, and I think it’s a funny story based on the traditional one. I’d rather keep this one. 

“Everyone knows the Goldilocks story, and look, I have multiple Goldilocks and the three bears. And all the illustrations are not great. 

“I’m also getting rid of Solomon Crocodile. I find that many children are scared of it. 

“Yes it’s a funny story and blah, blah, blah, but it doesn’t really teach anything or anything that I would want to teach the children. 

“I’m also getting rid of all the Paddington books. We don’t read them that much and I don’t really like the story.

"It’s a classic and most of the children will read them at home anyway so there’s no point. 

“Aladdin, I don’t like the illustrations to be honest. It’s just not benefitting my teaching.”

In the comments, she added: “Portrayal of Aladdin himself can be problematic. He is often depicted as a stereotype of an Arab or Middle Eastern man, with a turban, harem pants.” 

She continued: “I’m also getting rid of all the overly animated stories like Peppa…and these rockets. Simply because most of the children have them at home already. 

“It’s something that they read with parents and I don’t need doubles. I want to show something new in the classroom. 

“I’m also getting rid of all the classroom letter books that teach children the letters because I no longer use them. 

“I use more concrete learning and actual resources that you can explore the letters with.” 

Below the video, she added: “In recent years, there has been a movement in early years settings to remove certain books from their collections. 

“This is often due to concerns over the messages that these books may convey, and a desire to promote more inclusive and diverse representation in children's literature. 

“There is many books that have amazing stories and will stay in my shelves for years to come.”

Megi’s video attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 200 likes and 10,700 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their opinions, with one adding: “Well done for getting rid!! Some of these are awful!!”

Although not all agreed with the teacher, with another writing: “The mum one is good I think, some children only have a single mum and she does do everything herself.”

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Another said: “Rainbow fish teaches about sharing, kindness and friendship.”

A third put: “It’s great when a story teaches something or provides a teachable moment but the most important thing is teaching children to read for enjoyment!”

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