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A CLEANING expert has revealed why you don't need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing your toilet.

While you may think it helps keep it clean, it can actually cause damage.

If you do have limescale build up in your toilet or bathroom you may be tempted to try and scrub it away.

But Howard Moss, CEO at Astonish told the Express that delicate and easy to scratch surfaces shouldn't be scrubbed with abrasive cleaners as it may cause damage.

He added: “We recommend using tough cleaning products that do the job for you, meaning minimal physical effort is required and surfaces won’t get damaged.” 

Limescale can appear as a chalky white residue on wet surfaces but in toilets can appear brown because of the the mineral deposits in the toilet such as iron, calcium, magnesium and lime.


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To remove the brown marks you need a targeted cleaner like Astonish's Toilet Bowl Fizz & Fresh Tabs, which come in a variety of fragrances.

The package costs £2.49 on Astonish's website and comes with eight tablets that work to clean away limescale.

The cleaning expert said: "Simply drop the tab into the bowl and allow the deep cleaning foam action to do its job, no scrubbing required."

And customers who have bought the tabs have been left seriously impressed by its cleaning skills.

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One reviewer said: "This product is just marvellous. It really does clean and sanitises the Loo bowl with its gentle fizz!! love the colour too!!!” 

Another reviewer added: "These are a new addition to my cleaning routine and they're excellent: in London, we struggle with the build up a brown-ish limescale in the toilet bowl, and very few things (that aren't super harsh chemicals) deal with it well.

“Using this once a week, combined with good toilet cleaner every day, works wonders, and it smells good too. Very satisfying to use!” 

And if you're looking to remove limescale from other areas of your bathroom Astonish has a product for that.

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Howard said: “Our Bathroom Cleaner and Specialist Ultimate Limescale Remover is specially designed to remove and prevent the return of limescale, giving people peace of mind that it won’t come back in a hurry.” 

The Limescale Remover costs just £3 for a bottle and can be found in shops such as Wilko and other household stores.

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