I’m a cleaning expert, my easy Snap technique gets wrinkles out of clothes instantly WITHOUT ironing | The Sun

A CLEANING pro has revealed a genius technique to stop your clothes from becoming wrinkled as you unload them from the washing machine.

Social media user Clean My Space, who runs a TikTok account called @cleanmyspace, shared the helpful ‘snap’ hack for her followers – and it’s going down a storm. 

In a video of her taking clothes out after a cycle had finished, Clean My Space explained that she’d forgotten that the load had been in the machine all day.

Therefore, when she went to take it out to hang it up to try, she noticed it was starting to crease.

However, she said her easy technique would reverse this and ensure the wrinkles were removed without having to reach for the iron.

She explained: “Your clothes come out looking wrinkly because you’re not snapping your garment.”

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Clean My Space then showed exactly what she meant by taking an item and quickly flicking it outwards to allow the air to get underneath. 

She continued: “Ok, you don’t need to snap your socks or underwear.

“But anything nice that you don’t want to have wrinkles – whether you’re putting it in the dryer or hanging it to try, you have to do the snap.

“What it does is it shakes out wrinkles that were developed during the wash process, especially if you let your stuff sit for a few minutes, or a few hours in the washing machine before they go into the dryer.”

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However, the cleanfluencer also revealed there’s another major reason to follow her snap method.

She went to say: “And secondly, it helps to shake off excess debris that didn’t get out in the wash, like pet hair.

“Then you simply hang it to dry or you put your garments in the dryer and you’ll notice they’ll come out wrinkle free.”

The trick went down a storm with Clean My Space’s followers, who described it as “a must”.

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