I’m a cleaning expert & people always make the same laundry mistake

WHILE cleaning products can leave your surfaces glistening, if you're not using them right, you could be causing more harm than good.

A cleaning expert, from the UK, has revealed common cleaning mistakes homeowners make – and you're probably guilty of at least one of them.

Lucy spoke to The Express and issued an urgent warning about laundry detergent – and worryingly, it's a mistake that many of us make.

The YouTube influencer warned not to mix cleaning products, and urged homeowners to only use laundry detergent for its specific job.

"Cleaning products and laundry products should only be used as recommended," she explained. "Laundry products are diluted correctly in a washing machine."

And while some social media users suggest using laundry detergent for mopping and keeping floors shiny, Lucy strongly warns against it.


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Instead, she notes this could have the reverse effect and could actually damage floors – particularly if they're hardwood, marble or natural stone.

Elsewhere, other cleaning enthusiasts suggest boiling laundry detergent or using them in candle diffuses to make homes smell fresh.

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But according to Lucy, this is a big mistake.

"When used this way they can cause items to become flammable or can cause damages to your health when inhaled by being heated." she explained.

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And the cleaning expert also advises against mixing cleaning products – adding that it could possibly result in a very dangerous chemical reaction.

Lucy also goes on to point out other common mistakes to avoid.

First up, she says to be careful when using vinegar because it can damage certain surfaces – particularly rubber seals, silver, or marble.

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Next, she advises not using toothpaste to clean glass and warns it could just end up scratching it.

Finally, the cleaning expert says that while baking soda is a prodcut commonly used for cleaning, it's "very abrasive" and so has the potential to damage or scratch areas of the home.

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