I'm a curvy girl & tried on three pairs of shorts from Poundland… they looked great but all had the same annoying issue | The Sun

SHOPPING for the perfect pair of summer shorts can be hit or miss.

And it's so much worse if you're a curvy girl, there's always something a bit off with them, not matter how much money you fork out.

One girl decided to go on a hunt for shorts that both looked great and were comfortable in Poundland, but it didn't quite go as she planned.

Chloe, who posted the clip on TikTok under @fullerbustinspo, has been searching high and low for denim shorts that work for curvy girls.

She explained that the denim shorts in Poundland were recommended to her and it's clear why so many people love them.

The first pair she tried on weren't denim shorts but were great for lounging, or if you just wanted something more comfortable when you're out and about.

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The fashion guru quipped: "As usual [I was] in between sizes, large was too small and extra large was way too big, so that's a hard no."

The second pair were a light blue denim style and looked so chic, they even had an elastic waistband which would be perfect for indulging at summer barbeques.

"The fit was great, there was no gaping, these were an elasticated waist, they were comfortable, good fitting – but way too short," Chloe confessed.

The fashionista explained that she is only five ft and five inches tall but the length just wasn't right, "I could feel the chub rub, the burn the chaffing, it was all going on for me," she said.

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Next she went for a stylish pair of black denim shorts that also looked great in the changing room, but were far too short to wear comfortably outside, especially if for anyone with big thighs.

Viewers loved the shorts and suggested that the fashion whizz try using some liquid talc so she could wear the shorts comfotably.

One person said: "I love their denim shorts, I'm a size 22 and they have good stretch for bloat too."

A second wrote: "The elastic ones are my favourite, but I'm 4'11 so they're longer on me."

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