I’m a fashion fan and have a 'genius' hack to ensure coat belts never hit the floor again | The Sun

A CLEVER woman has shared a fashion hack to stop the belt that comes with your coat from ever dragging on the floor again. 

Like many of us, Lindsay Albanese has had to deal with a soaked belt end or one that’s unexpectedly fallen out of the loops, never to be seen again… 

Dressed in an orange jumper and a pair of brown trousers, the blonde beauty stood by a beige coat she had hanging from her door. 

“You know when you have a coat or a jacket and it has the waist tie, but a lot of times it’s like longer on one side or it falls on the ground,” she said. 

“I have this little hack that I do every time so it stays put.” 

Going on to describe her easy method, @bylindsayalbanese said the first step is to loop the belt through the holes and make sure it’s even on both sides. 


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Taking the hanging side on the right, she continued: “Then you are going to loop it over and then under through and you’re going to knot it right there at the loop.” 

Doing the other side, Lindsay then put the coat on to demonstrate how even and neat it looked. 

“It’s always going to be even,” the TikTok user said as she turned around to face the camera. 

“It’s never going to fall on the ground… Problem solved!” she added before throwing her hands up in the air.

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In the caption, she called this her “winter hack” and people were impressed.

“You are a fashion hack genius,” one person wrote, to which she replied: “Ahhhhhhhh thanks babe!” [sic]

Another said: “I’m gonna do this with my robe haha”. [sic]

A third shared their awful experience as they explained: “Last time I wore my rain coat the belt was closed in my car door dragging the ground in the rain.” [sic]

A fourth wrote: “And you didn’t even mention: you can still use the ties this way,” while a fifth explained: “Omg how have I never thought to do this, genius!” [sic]

And a sixth added: “This is genius!! I need to do this with my trench coat as it drives me crazyyyy”. [sic]

Lindsay replied: “Yessss”. [sic]

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