I’m a fashion fan and I found the best vest for big boobs – they even hide big strapped bras too like magic | The Sun

A FASHION fan has shared the best vest top for women with bigger busts. 

The fashionista says you can wear a bra underneath the vests which will easily hide the straps.

Alice Rose Buttery shares beauty, fashion and interior tips online and she has found the perfect vest for people who like to wear bra’s underneath. 

The savvy shopper shared her find in a TikTok video online.

Alice captioned the video: “Love these Bershka vests for summer – always need to wear a bra so these are perfect for hiding straps!”

The fashion fan said: “I'm always on the hunt for a vest that I can wear a bra under, so I think I found a really great option, which is pretty inexpensive.”


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The Bershka vest tops are selling for £15 for a pack of two. 

Alice bought hers in beige and charcoal although she said she liked them so much she would be getting other colours. 

“These are from Bershka. They come in a two pack. So this is the charcoal and the beige. They also do a black and white one, which I'm gonna order as well.”

Alice explains the shape of the vest works well if you have a bigger bust and want to wear a bra underneath.

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“And I really like these because the shape of them, you can actually wear a bra under it without your straps coming out.”

“A lot of them now kind of like racerbacks and stuff, which are cute, but if you want a bra and you don't want the strap show, it's not gonna work.”

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“I'm pretty sure these were less … I feel like they're about £15 and the sizing is not very inclusive”

Alice explained the sizing might be a bit out of proportion as she didn’t expect to be able to fit into a medium. 

“They've got a small which is an eight, a medium which is gonna be a 10 and a large which is a 12.

“But I do think those sizes are wrong because this is large and I actually think I could have gone to a medium size which is supposed to be size 10 and I'm usually 14 so.”

Alice reckons even as a size 16 you could fit into the large Bershka vests. 

“I think the large would probably fit like a 16 depending on your bust.”

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