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IF you love buying clothes, you’ve come to the right place, as we spoke to a fashion and shopping expert to get the low down on how to find the best bargains. 

Takunda has a whopping 130k followers on Instagram and we are obsessed with her unique style. 

She’s a fashion whizz that knows all about the new micro trends and how to shop on a budget.

Takunda told us her top shopping tips, how to navigate shopping in the current climate, plus ways to find a brilliant bargain.

She also revealed a shopping mistake that many online shoppers make – and why it’s super important to really look at the online pictures before you make a purchase. 

If you want to pick up a bargain, Takunda said: “A lot of online shops do random flash discounts: on random days, end of the month/payday and bank holiday or if something dramatic happens (like a heatwave or storms), so always have your cart ready to hit checkout”.

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The shopping whizz revealed that when online shopping, be wary if there is not an image of the back of an item.

She explained: “If there’s an image or video of an outfit and they don’t show the back don’t buy it, it means it doesn’t fit properly and they pinned the back to make it fit the model, so it won’t fit you properly”.

What’s more, Takunda recommends that online shoppers should sign up for Next Day Delivery, to ultimately save money in the long run.

She continued: “Depending on how much you shop online from a specific store it’s better to sign up for Next Day Delivery if available. 

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“It’s a great value for money and you get priority delivery, and it usually means the returns are free too, especially from shops that have started to charge for returns”.

What’s more, if you want to shop on a budget and get the most out of your wardrobe, Takunda advised: “Stick to basics in your favourite colour or the colour you have the most of in your wardrobe. 

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“They make great layering pieces, and you can wear them all year round in different ways!  

“There are literally so many ways to style a button-down shirt or a pair of jeans or wide-legged trousers”.

Takunda is a big fan of leather and recommends all fashion fans purchase some leather items for their wardrobe.

She added: “Purchase leather (real or faux), wide-legged trousers and midi dresses because they make great transitional pieces, have an excellent cost per wear, can be dressed up or down and can be layered with so many things. 

“Leather goes with most things, lasts a long time, ages well and can make a strong or neutral statement depending on what you are going for at any given look.

“A good styling tip is to find a good tailor and a good quality coat!”

Another buy that Takunda recommends all fashionistas have in their wardrobes is a staple suit.

She recommended: “Suits – you can mix & match the colours, you can wear them in most seasons, they make a complete outfit, so you don’t have to think too much about what else to wear with them. 

“There’s something so effortless but also put together and fun about wearing a bright coloured suit!”

Finally, whether your wardrobe is full of green or not, Takunda recommends all women have a pair of green sandals in their wardrobe. 

She concluded: “Buy yourself a pair of green flat-form sandals as they honestly go with a lot of things. 

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“Green goes with a LOT of colours, they’re practical and comfortable. 

“And you can’t talk about dopamine dressing without mentioning green”.

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