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A FINANCIAL coach has revealed her three essential tips if you want to give up work as early as possible. 

Haley Kowalewski’s main aim is to teach women how to “get ahead” financially.

And for those who don’t want to work forever, she had three tips that can start being actioned now. 

Save for big things… well in advance

Haley’s main saving tip was to start saving for big things – like a house or a holiday – super early.

She said: “You need to start saving for large purchases well in advance. 

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“One of the easiest ways to do this is through buckets in a high yield savings account.”

Haley added that she is doing this for a trip to Asia with her girlfriend that hasn’t even been set in motion yet.

She is putting $250 away every month so that when she is ready to start paying for the trip, she’ll have plenty of money available.

Flip the Script

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Haley told people that "flipping the script" on how you use your money when you get paid is the best way to get financially savvy.

It basically means swapping around the order in which you handle your money on payday.

And to do that, you should “pay yourself first”.

Most people get paid, spend and then invest their money or pay off extra debt.

Haley told people to do this the other way around – when you get paid, stash some in your savings and pay off your debt before you start spending on yourself.

She quipped: “You’ll have less to spend but that’s kind of the point.”

Get financially literate 

Haley’s third tip for those who want to retire early is to understand the terminology around money so you better know what you’re doing when it comes to debt, investing and saving. 

She advised: “If there’s any terms you’ve been getting confused about, start googling them.”

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Haley became a financial coach because she remembers being in her twenties when there “ were no women talking about money or investing”.

She now has over 120,000 followers on Tik Tok posting under @femme_financial.

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