I'm a foodie – how to make the ultimate lazy meal in your air fryer using Aldi bargains…it tastes amazing and is so easy | The Sun

IF YOU hate cooking and want to know how to make a really simple, yet delicious meal, you’ve come to the right place.

A food fan has revealed how she makes the ultimate lazy meal in her air fryer using Aldi bargains.

Not only does it taste amazing, but it is so quick and easy to make too. 

Katie Kelly, who posts on TikTok under the username @bitsbitesblog, is a huge Aldi fan and is often on the hunt for bargain food that she can turn into delicious recipes.

She has amassed an impressive 144.9k followers and 1.7million likes on the video sharing platform and recently took to the social media app to share her ‘lazy meal’ recipe.

So if you’ve joined the air fryer crew and are looking for a budget meal to make that is sure to leave your loved ones impressed, you’ll want to take notes.

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Katie posted her clip with the caption ‘The perfect lazy weeknight meal.’

She said: “Easy Aldi meal, done in just 30 minutes.

“What you’re going to want is a pound and a half of chicken breasts, I prefer organic but get whatever you want.

“Peppers, I like the multi-coloured peppers for some colour but green work just fine too.

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“Onions, olive oil, make sure your spice cupboard is stacked with chilli powder, ground cumin, garlic powder and salt.

“And you’ll want to grab a fresh lime too as we are making air fryer fajitas.”

Once home with her ingredients, Katie explained how to make her air fryer dinner.

She noted: “Thinly slice your chicken breast, your peppers and your onions and drizzle over some olive oil and about one teaspoon of each spice.

“Squeeze half a lime over that and stir together.

“You don’t have to marinade this recipe – you can if you want, but if you’re on a time crunch, all you’ve got to do is air fry at 390F for 20 minutes and shake it halfway through.

“Everything cooks so perfectly.

“It’s such an easy weeknight meal, or if you like to meal prep, I highly recommend this recipe.” 

Katie removed her fajitas from the air fryer and served them with tortilla wraps, salsa and grated cheese.

Katie’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 48k views.

It has 1,922 likes, 5 comments and 168 shares.

Social media users were left open-mouthed at the recipe and were eager to reflect this in the comments.

One person said: “Making this right now.”

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Another added: “I’m trying this tonight!!!” 

A third commented: “Looks good! Crazy how the peppers and chicken cook up together in the air fryer. I’ve never used one.” 

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