I'm a granny with five kids, I still wear crop tops and I love going out all night – no one ever guesses how old I am

A GRANNY who has five grown up kids explained how she’s not like most grandmothers – she can deadlift more than her younger friends and she loves dancing on a Saturday night. 

Super fit granny Susie shares videos of her youthful lifestyle on Tiktok, and people can’t believe her age.

In a recent video, Susie said she always has lots of younger friends, until they discover certain facts about her.

She explained: “I have a lot of younger friends until they find out… I’m 56, I have five adult kids and I am a granny, I eat really healthy, I can out dance them any Saturday night, and I can deadlift more than them.”

Susie also said that she wears crop tops and that this seems to “trigger” people because she’s a grandmother.

Since her kids have grown up and moved out, Susie says she does “whatever she wants”.

Commenters loved Susie’s youthful attitude. 

“I love that I stumbled across your page! I love your personality!”, one viewer wrote

Many couldn’t believe her age.

“Miss, let’s be honest here. 56? Yeah right! More like 46”, said one commenter, while another agreed: “Wow! Don’t believe you are 56! But you go woman!!”

“Are you sure you’re old enough to be on Tiktok?”, joked another.

“You’re a whole vibe, wanna be my older friend? I would love it!”, wrote one impressed commenter.

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