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A HAIRCARE pro has revealed why you should NEVER wash your hair after getting sweaty – and how often you really should be cleansing your locks. 

Jonathan Van Ness suggested that you’re washing away ‘Mother Nature’s conditioner’ if you shampoo every time you sweat – and that this could be affecting your hair’s texture. 

Instead, he suggested blow drying it into your hair for healthier, happier locks. 

Known online as @jvn_official, the hairstylist, and one of the hosts of Netflix’s Queer Eye, regularly shares haircare tips with his 932,200 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, he said: “Another thing that will not bring out the most in anyone’s texture is over washing. 

“You want to aim to wash your hair about two to four times a week. 


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“When I got to gymnastics, if I tumble into that pit with all the foam blocks and all those other people have jumped in the foam blocks and all those feet and stuff, I’m washing my hair. 

“If you haven’t really left your house or haven’t really gone anywhere, it’s okay. 

“And actually, sweat for your hair is really good. 

“Just blow dry the sweat into your hair. Your hair actually loves it. 

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“Plus, the sebum that your sebaceous oil glands makes in your scalp, your hair loves that sebum – it’s like Mother Nature’s conditioner. 

“If you have to wash your hair more, make sure, make sure, make sure you’re using a quality shampoo and conditioner.”

Below the video, he added: “Do not overwash your hair. Do you hear me?”

Fans loved his quick tips, with the video gaining more than 63,000 likes and 550,000 views. 

In the comments, other TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “I actually really needed to hear this tip about sweat lol.”

“I’ve always wondered about how often to wash my hair if I sweat everyday – thank you,” commented another. 

Although not all agreed with his advice, explaining that not all can go days without washing their locks. 

Another added: “Some of us just have continually greasy hair due to genetics.”

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Someone else put: “CAN I LIVE.”

A third added: “My hair sticks together with even a hint of sweat and I work a physical labor job. Love you but no.”

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