I'm a hairdresser, we get awful clients at Christmas – one woman ruined my holiday in an epic way, I'll never forget it

AFTER one hairdresser told a client trying to book in on Christmas DAY that the salon would be closed, the customer threw a massive fit saying she would out her online for 'bad customer service.'

Siiri Parks, from St. Louis, US, said that the woman wanted her to postpone her own family's Christmas plans on the day so that she would look nice for her photos.

Taking to her TikTok account to reveal the incident with one nightmare customer, Siiri said that the woman told her to name her price to open on Christmas day, and was irate when she refused.

Posting under the domain @siiriparkss the hairstylist said that she told the woman that the only time she could do her hair was the 23rd of December, as they had one opening left.

Reenacting the incident, she said the client said: "Ya that doesn't work for me. I'm getting in on Christmas day, I can't get in any earlier, and my family told me that they would postpone Christmas until the evening so that I could look more presentable."

Repeating that they were closed on Christmas day, the client said: "Ok well then can I pay you to come in on Christmas day, everybody's got a price just name it?"


The client suggested that the stylist make her family change all their Christmas plans so that she could still open the salon.

"I already said that I can't do any day other than the 25th, so I mean what can I do to get in on the 25th, what is more important? What could you possible me doing that day?" said the client to which the stylist responded "spending time with my family on Christmas."

The client then added: "I am spending time with my family too, why don't you just have your family do what mine's doing and postpone it to the evening?"

The stylist suggested to the woman that if she really wanted her hair done before the 25th, she could try stylists in her own area, and get it done before flying out.

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"I need you to tell me WHAT am I supposed to do when it is Christmas day and we are taking photos?" asked the client.

When the stylist suggested she try salons where she is located she said: "That doesn't work for me. Where I live now is expensive, and I already pay that year-round, but since I will be home for the holidays, I'd rather pay the cheap price."

Adding: "I know y'all are cheap I looked it up."

The hairdresser then firmly told the woman that she would have to go elsewhere, as they were closed for Christmas.

The client then started to get nasty threatening to leave bad reviews about the stylist online.

"Fine I will, but I am telling you now that you have forced my hand, and all of Yelp is gonna hear about your horrible customer service and the fact that you won't accommodate your clients, during the holiday seasons of all times," she said.

The woman wished the client "Happy Holidays" and thought she had heard the last of her until the woman called the salon on the 23rd of December.

The client announced that she had got an early flight, and asked when her appointment would be.

The stylist explained that that appointment was now gone, as the client insisted she could not have been there on the 23rd.

This led to the woman having a massive go at the hairdresser.

"You've gotta be joking. Why didn't you hold that appointment for me?"

The post has been viewed over 1.7million times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"Some people have no boundaries" commented one person.

Another added: "Everyone’s got a price, just name it. Okay, 10k and a house pls."

"'“Salons near me are too expensive'… 'name your price'" commented a third.

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Also, I’m a hairdresser and mums are the rudest customers and ALWAYS ask for the same thing when I’ve cut their kids’ hair.

Meanwhile…I went to a high-end salon to fix my hair because it was uneven – they fried it so badly I had to cut a FOOT off

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