I'm a home expert – five quick and easy ways to get your energy bills down, and they’re all less than a tenner | The Sun

WITH the cold weather showing no sign of going anywhere, we're all looking for ways to keep our houses warm.

And amid the cost of living crisis, we want to be able to do that without turning our heating on.

So home expert Natasha Berthiaume has revealed five quick and easy heating hacks that you can implement which cost less than a tenner.

"It is more important than ever that we come together as a nation to help one another," she told Express.co.uk.

"The most vulnerable people in the UK are destined to suffer as the energy crisis worsens, with many people cutting back on essentials like food in order to afford their bills."

Use draught excluders

These are incredibly effective at keeping rooms warm – especially if you have any where draughts are an issue.

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"A door snake, also known as a draft excluder, is excellent for preventing drafts that come through gaps between the door frame and the floor, as well as retaining the heat inside a room," Natasha said.

And while you can buy one on Amazon for around £8.20, you can also make one yourself.

"Simply sew together a couple of sheets or scraps of fabric to make a long thin cloth sack, and fill it with dried peas or rice," she said.

Reduce the temperature of your thermostat

While most of us think that 21c is the ideal room temperature, Natasha suggested reducing it down to 18C – which can make a "notable difference to your energy bills".

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And as an added bonus, the hack won't cost you anything at all.

Or if you have a condensing boiler, keep the temperature of your radiators at 60C or lower to improve their efficiency.

Insulate your pipes

Speaking of improving efficiency, insulating your pipes can do just that.

"Purchasing and installing pipe insulation is a quick and easy way to prevent excessive heat-loss and help reduce your home energy usage," Natasha explained.

"It also helps prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting during colder periods."

You can use foam tubes, which you can get from eBay for around £6.99, and you can fit them easily yourself.

Add valve controls to your radiators

Another budget buy that can make a massive difference is a radiator valve, which you can get for £9.95 on Amazon.

And according to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save between £70 and £150 a year just by installing thermostats and radiator valves.

Or consider installing a smart valve – which can be linked to a smart thermostat to save you even more money.

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Don't cover up your radiator

It might sound simple, but making sure you don't have your radiators covered with sofas or furniture can make a big difference.

Having a sofa in front of a radiator ends up blocking the flow of heat into the room, meaning it stays cold and you end up wasting money.

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