I’m a Hooters girl – I love getting a phone number on the receipt, but only from a certain type of customer | The Sun

A HOOTERS waitress shared her experience of being flirted with while on the job.

Jasmina, who goes by the TikTok handle @certifiedcitygirl444, often shares videos of her working at Hooters, and revealed that she’s been hit on while in uniform.

In a recent TikTok video, she filmed herself in her restaurant location’s locker room, dressed in her uniform.

She wore a white and logo short-sleeve fitted shirt tucked into orange spandex booty shorts.

Jasmina also had a full-face of makeup on and flawlessly curled hair.

She began dancing around confidently.

“Me when a pretty girl leaves her number on the receipt,” she wrote over the video.

Feeling good and proud of herself, Jasmina used an audio of a man singing: “Hey, look at me. Oh, look at me.”

“Like how you know I was gay?” she asked in the caption along with an LGBT hashtag.

People, and especially women, were blown away by Jasmina’s beauty, with many asking which restaurant location she worked at.

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“I might have to go to Hooters now,” someone joked.

Others answered Jasmina’s question about how some customers can tell that she’s gay.

“She didn’t know, she was hoping,” someone commented, and another woman echoed: “We just be hoping sometimes.”

In a follow-up video, Jasmina further shared her love for getting certain attention in and outside of work.

Text on the screen read: “Male validation <,” as she shook her head and hand in disapproval.

Then the text switched to: “Female validation >,” as she started happily dancing.

“Women are just better,” one person commented, and another agreed: “Gets me twirling my hair and kicking my feet.”

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