I’m a Hooters girl – the uniforms are a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen, and I think I know why | The Sun

SERVERS at Hooters follow a strict set of rules, which help the brand maintain its image.

There's one part of the employee handbook that consistently causes trouble – and a staff member said she thinks it's intentional.

At Hooters, the uniforms are crucial – just ask Emily Holmes (@emidawwg), who works as a server at the iconic restaurant.

According to Holmes, a certain part of the uniform invites disaster, and she even suspects there's a conspiracy afoot.

When she recorded a TikTok griping about the annoyance, her fellow Hooters team members sounded off in agreement.

Holmes accused Hooters of "making their tights the easiest thing to rip."

The suntan-colored pantyhose are a uniform requirement, and they're typically sold from vending machines in the staff rooms.

That's intentional, Holmes implied.

She said the restaurant is "charging Hooter girls $5 every time they rip, even if it's six times in one shift."

"They literally rip every shift," she added in the video's description. "I'm done, bro."

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Other Hooters staffers were quick to chime in. One called the tights requirement the "biggest hustle."

Another server shared her to-go habit when she tears her tights.

"It’s avoiding the manager so they can’t see the rip for me," she confessed.

A few commenters were upset on behalf of Holmes and her colleagues across the land.

"That's extortion," one accused. "They already pay you a terrible wage and make you dependent on tips to survive."

Holmes didn't respond to that viewer, but her reply to a different comment may explain why.

A troll whined that Holmes should just "get a new job" and "stop complaining."

"You're mad I'm richer than you at 20," Holmes bragged right back.

A couple of commenters recommended Holmes just bring tights from home.

"How are they going to know if you don’t wear theirs?" one person questioned.

"Bro, somehow they always know," Holmes wrote back. "We have tried."

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