I’m a hot single mom in my 30s – men say I’m ‘gorgeous’ and ask where I’ve been all their lives | The Sun

AN attractive single mother in her 30s has captivated men with her beauty and confidence.

The single mom had men calling her gorgeous and asking where she's been all their lives.

Christina Kass (@christina.kass) is a striking mother and content creator based in Los Angeles.

The single mom became the object of male attention after posting a video in minimal clothing.

In a video on the platform, the beauty gave viewers a glimpse at her sense of style and personality.

She donned a revealing fashionable number and heels as she spoke to her audience.

When the video began, the brunette stood against a wall with her hip popped to the side as she looked in a full-length mirror.

She then turned to the camera and let her shoulder-length curls bounce around her face expertly covered in makeup.

The 38-year-old wore a gray floral-patterned short robe with black feathers along the wrist that flattered her curvy shape and brown open-toed heels.

"Is it just me or is anyone else running out of people they like?" she mouthed along to the trending audio.

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The visual enticed many male viewers with several sharing their appreciation in the comments.

"OMG! Where have you been all my life?" a fan commented.

"Come let me love you," an admirer chimed in.

"D**n, you're so gorgeous," another added.

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