I’m a laundry pro – my $15 kitchen essential makes hand-washing clothes SO much easier | The Sun

HAND-WASHING your clothes can be a tireless task that can make you consider just tossing your favorite loose-knit sweater into the machine and hoping for the best.

Even when you do muster up the enthusiasm to hand-wash your clothes, it often feels as though they didn't get as good of a rinse as they would've in the machine.

To avoid drenching yourself and your home, take the advice of the experts at Apartment Therapy and use a salad-spinner to make hand-washing less of a task.

This $15 kitchen essential has the same spinning motion as a washing machine but you can control the speed manually, making it the perfect hand-washing laundry hack.

The experts at Apartment Therapy suggest slowly spinning your clothes in a few inches of soapy water to flush the fabric.

Then, leave your clothes to steep for 5-10 minutes, before rinsing under your faucet.

Finally, quickly spin the clothing for about a minute, mimicking the dry cycle of the washing machine.

Once it is somewhat dry – or at least not sopping wet – remove and air-dry.

TikToker Christie Moeller tried the hand-washing hack in a recent video.

Her followers were impressed by the cheap hack, with one user commenting: "You my lady are a genius I will use this with my stockings."

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Another comment joked: "I recommend taking out the cherry tomatoes before washing a white dress shirt."

Christie commented how the new-age laundry tip is "an especially great hack for someone in an apartment without a washer."

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