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A LAUNDRY expert has listed the five most common mistakes that will ruin your washing – are you guilty of any of these?

You probably believe that by now you've mastered doing laundry – after all, what's so complicated about it?

Well, according to one guru, Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, messing up is easier than you think, and there are five major mistakes almost everyone makes.

Going crazy with detergent

Chatting to The Express, Deyan said that most people assume that the more detergent, the better.

However, the reality is quite the opposite and gallons of detergent will ruin your garments in the long run.

“Not only can too much detergent stain your clothing (especially if it’s white), but it can also wear down their fibres, causing snags and tears.''

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Instead of detergent, the whizz recommended using a homemade solution to wash your clothing.

Add half a cup of baking soda and vinegar to your washing load – this will make your garments extra silky and soft.

Cramming the machine

Deyan said: “Overfilling your washing drum will mean your clothes aren’t cleaned as effectively, as cramming too many things into one wash can also damage different fabrics’ fibres.'' 

Sharing his tips, the whizz advised people to fill the drum so that it's three quarters full.

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''A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your hand can fit inside the drum and rotate 90C.”

Mixing clothing and towels

It may be tempting to chuck in everything at once, mixing delicate clothing and towels in one washing session.

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But, as Deyan claimed, this is a big mistake that will ruin your garments in the long run – this is because each item has a different washing process.

Smaller items could also become wrapped up in larger items, in turn preventing the load from getting properly washed.

Not checking the label

According to Deyan, not everyone checks the label before putting the piece of clothing in for a wash – and every material has different needs.

“If you follow the label’s instructions, you’ll be able to wash your laundry efficiently and keep your clothes in pristine condition.”

Leaving clothing tangled

Deyan also reminded that ensuring no sleeves or trouser legs are tucked inside themselves before putting them in the machine is key to an even wash.

“These areas run the risk of fading in colouring at different rates to the rest of the garment, and may rub against other clothing to create a damaged surface in a certain area. 

“I’d also recommend doing up all of your garments’ buttons, zips, and clasps, to make sure that other materials don’t get damaged or snagged on them during a wash.”

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