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A POOL manager has revealed that bothering a swimmer about their swim attire is very wrong for a lifeguard to do unless they are nude or in unsafe clothing for water.

Madison Rae is a lifeguard and pool manager, according to her TikTok account, who recently shared a video about addressing public pool swimmers about dress codes with her nearly 306,000 followers.

The video she posted, which has been viewed almost 240,000 times, is in reply to another TikTok user's video that presented a question on the app about going to the beach topless post-mastectomy.

The lifeguard captioned her video response saying: "a lifeguard shouldn’t ever address a swimmer about dress code without talking to a higher-up first."

"Unless they are nude or in unsafe clothing for water," she added in her caption.

In her video, Madison said that the sensitive subject of what someone should and shouldn't wear to a public pool after having their breasts removed is one "no one ever really talks about."

"Especially in the world of lifeguarding," she added.

"But it is a very real case so we're going to talk about it right now, on the internet."

The pool manager said that a lot of people aren't aware of the fact that pools do have dress codes.

She even went on to share the dress code of the pool she works at as an example.

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"My pool's dress code is 'appropriate swim attire,'" the TikToker, who refers to herself as "The Original TikTok Lifeguard," said.

Madison then admitted that her pool's dress code is "a little vague" and explained, "basically, nothing see-through and no thong bikinis."

She described an example of a woman not wearing a bikini top after getting a mastectomy and coming to the pool she works at.

Then Madison presented a rhetorical question to her viewers.

She said: "what would I do as a pool manager?"

Quickly answering her own question, she added: "nothing. I see absolutely no issue with it at all."

The pool manager said she's in a "very fortunate situation" in which the lifeguards she manages have radios, Madison shared.

"And they're able to ask questions like that or get me out on the pool deck to be able to ask those questions but I personally don't have a problem with it," she said in her TikTok video.

After saying that she wouldn't have a problem with it, she also said that no one else at her facility would have a problem with it either.

"The only problem I would see [is] from other people being uncomfortable, in which they can go to another pool for the day," the lifeguard stated.

With more than 12,000 likes, many of Madison's followers supported what she said and agreed that lifeguards shouldn't have a problem with someone being topless at a public pool post-mastectomy.

"Love this," someone commented on the video with a smile emoji surrounded by hearts.

They added: "what a great ethos you have at your pool."

Someone else said: "That's the only answer. If people have a problem with it they need to be educated."

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Another TikToker commented: "There is a woman at our public indoor pool that comes in topless all the time.

They went on to say: "No one bothers her even if we’re all uncomfortable."

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