I'm a make-up whizz at 52 – my top techniques will give you a youthful face instead of ageing your skin | The Sun

A 52-YEAR-OLD with a passion for make-up has urged women to not shy away with it as their skin matures.

Instead, Annamaria Kalebic has tweaked her techniques to ensure she creates a more youthful look when applying products. 

“Old techniques don’t suit my older skin and can often look dated,” she said.

Taking to TikTok, Annamaria shared a tutorial of her day-to-day make-up look that is glamorous but not ageing. What’s more, it doesn’t take hours to execute.

Annamaria’s first tip was to use a tinted moisturiser as a base instead of foundation. And rather than layering up on concealer, she recommended “spot concealing".

“A lighter coverage is much kinder to our skin,” Annamaria explained. “But don’t be afraid of some translucent powder.

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“The right one will have a blurring effect and keep your T-zone under control.”

The T-zone is the central part of the face – covering a T-like shape on the forehead and nose – that gets oilier than the rest of the skin. 

This is because the area, like the chin, has more oil glands that produce sebum and give your face a greasy appearance.

Annamaria added that she has “hooded eyes” so places eyeshadow over the crease of her eyelid. 

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“Always curl your lashes and apply mascara sparingly,” she continued.

“I create youthful, fluffy eyebrows by setting them in place with a gel and then going in with a pen I have.”

Annamaria’s brow pen of choice is the NYX Professional Makeup Lift And Snatch Brow Tint Pen which costs £11.49 in Boots.

The flexible micro-brush tip is designed to create ink strands that mimic real hair. 

Annamaria dubbed bronzer “great” but urged women with mature skin to steer clear of glittery and shimmery ones. 

To restore volume to her mouth, she uses lip liner for a “fuller pout” and finishes it off with a “moisturising lippy”.

Fellow women flocked to the comments to praise her techniques. 

“You look lovely,” one penned.

“Wow hun, so gorgeous,” another gushed.

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