I’m a matchmaker, one client dated a man for 7 years without sex … then he told her the truth on their wedding night

A PROFESSIONAL matchmaker has revealed one of the most unusual marriage and relationship stories she has ever heard.

Addie Seller said that one woman came to her telling about how she was 40-years-old and had waited seven years to become intimate with her partner on their wedding night when her new hubby revealed the truth.

Taking to her TikTok platform, Addie uploaded a post under the caption: "Wild matchmaker interviews part 1. You won't believe what this woman went through."

Posting under the domain @circleoflovecoaching Addie said: "As a matchmaker and a coach, I do an interview before I set people up. It's important for me to know relationship history, so imagine the stories that I've been told."

"People talking about their exes. Men and women of all ages. So a couple of doozies came back to me. The first one was a lady who said that she was literally a 40-year-old virgin when she got married."

Addie explained that the client did not want to have sex until her marriage, due to religious views, and met her future husband when she was 33.


The couple also had a very long engagement and were together seven years when they wed.

The man also had a very strong faith and was happy to wait until marriage, even though the couple lived together and slept in the same bed.

"They were like best friends, and everything but did not sleep together, and guess what happens on the honeymoon," said Addie.

In the part two post, she added: "So here it is, the day of the wedding, she's 40 years old, she waited seven years for this magical experience."

Addie explained that the couple got married, all went great on the day and the newlyweds headed abroad for their honeymoon.

"She buys this naughty little negligee, and they get to their hotel room. She said it was just a magical place, and they were kissing and it was so lovely. She got on her little teddy, got into bed and he went to sleep" Addie said.

Adding: "He didn't do anything. She woke up in the morning after NOTHING happening, and shes' been waiting for so long, they've been talking about it too. He said he couldn't wait."

In part three, Addie explains how the wife was hysterical after nothing happened and started questioning her husband,

"Now he's backed into a corner. He did not perform of their wedding night, he didn't even address it, she confronts him, and he finally comes clean" says the matchmaker.

"It turns out, it was not a spiritual thing as to why he wasn't making love to her before they actually tied the knot. It was because he had an issue when he was developing as a teenager and he physically did not have the equipment, to make love to her" Addie revealed.

Addie finished her post, which has been viewed over 64k times by saying "seven years is a long time to keep that kind of secret."

TikTok viewers have been quick to respond.

"This is why you kick all the tires before buying the car" commented one person.

Another said: "We'll talk about a quick honeymoon. I'd be on the next plane home."

"That's grounds for divorce" added a third.

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