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A MUM has warned other parents to remove all family photos to ward off potentially predatory behaviour.

Dannah Eve, who is also a criminologist, made the warning in a TikTok video in which she said pictures of rooms in homes may also have your child’s first or middle name on the wall.

This information could potentially be dangerous in the wrong hands, leading to predatory behaviour that could put you or your kids at risk.

She recently took this advice when selling her Chicago home with her husband.

“Before your listing goes live, make sure that you take down all photos of your family members, especially your children.

“And if you don’t want to take them down, make sure that your broker blurs the images.”


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Dannah, who is currently house hunting in Florida, also described the amount of times that she has seen images of framed children pictures in the homes as “countless”.

She added: “Now this is a major problem, because not only do you now know what the child looks like, you have the child's name but you obviously have their address.

“The online world is a very scary place to be and this is something that you can do to protect your family.”

Dannah has a degree in criminology and psychology as shares regular safety tips to help parent keep their kids safe.

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She recently warned in another TikTok video that parents should never let your child leave the house with a backpack of item of clothing with their visibly on it.

She said: “Backpacks or clothing with their name on it.”

Dannah admitted if your child is still a baby you can probably can away with them having this item. 

“Now when they are tiny babies this doesn't really apply because you're there with them and they are most likely in your arms at all times.”

“Let alone they won't be responding to their names quite yet.

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