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DO you get fed up with your kids constantly throwing food on the floor?

A mum has revealed the exact steps you should take to stop them from making a huge mess at dinner.

TikTok user Victoria, who posts under @toriyav, shared her go-to tips in a video that has racked up 2,000 likes.

She wrote: “How to stop YOUR baby throwing their food on the floor.”

Her first step is to “not react” when they launch their meals onto your floor. 

She continued: “Put it back on their plate. If they do it again it might be 1 out of 2 reasons why.

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“They just learned they can do it, in this case don’t acknowledge it.

“And the other reason might be they are done with their food, or just don’t want it. Like in my case.”

Many mums were quick to offer their views on the dinner tips. 

One said: “My son does this every time.”

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Another added: “Thank you for sharing these tips.”

And a third commented: “Mine will throw it to lean over to check where it landed.”

However, one said she should be more strict, and commented: “You can just tell him off. 

“There's no acceptable reason for throwing food away.”

Baby and child nutritionist Charlotte Stirling Reed told Fabulous her top tips for preventing food being thrown.

She said: “This is also so very common, and normally comes at a time when babies and toddlers are ‘experimenting’ with the world and gravity! 

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“It’s part of their learning, but can be very frustrating for parents. 

“It’s best not to draw too much attention to the throwing as it can make it more likely to occur. 

“You can offer a ‘side plate’ for unwanted foods instead and explain ‘that’s not what we do with foods’ aside from that, refrain from commenting too much and simply role model.”

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