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BEING A MUM is tough, there's no question about it.

But Courtney Rogers, 38, truly has her work cut out as she raises 12 children, all under the age of 12.

Courtney, and her Pastor husband Chris, have gained a wide following on social media thanks to sharing snippets of their life as a large family which includes two sets of Irish twins and one set of Irish triplets.

Courtney and her husband live on a 12-acre farm in New Mexico with their kids, Clint, 12, Clay, 11, Cade, 10, Callie, 9, Cash, 8, Colt and Case, 7, Calena, 5, Caydie, 4, Caralee, 3, Caris, 2, and baby Cambria.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, Courtney revealed how the family came about having names that all begin with the letter C and how tricky it became as the family unexpectedly grew.

She says: "Both of us have hard C names. I thought it'd be cool if we did it with our kids, too. In the beginning, you have no clue how many you're going to end up with. So it just got to a point where you couldn't quit."


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The patriarch, who reveals she never took steps to prevent pregnancy, adds that it got increasingly hard finding names that started with the letter C that they both liked as the number of kids grew.

"It was a little harder, especially with the girls.

"My style wasn't a lot of like, the old traditional type names like Catherine or Caroline. That's not really my style, I had to get a little more creative with the girl names," she explains.

However, not everyone is a fan of the family's baby name tradition with some trolls saying Courtney lacks imagination.

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The mum reveals: "Some people are critical. They say, you know, you don't have any imagination or some people say we're trying to be like the Duggars but we weren't.

"I was just doing it because me and him had it and in the beginning, I had no clue we'd have twelve children."

And Courtney admits her bumper brood often gets mistaken for a school group when enjoying a typical family day out, using a 15-seater minivan to transport them around.

"When we go to, like fairs or stuff like that, people have thought we were just a school group or whatever. We're like, no, we're a family," claims the mum.

Courtney had two children, Clint and Clay before having her first set of Irish twins, Cade and Callie, who were born ten months and nine days apart.

"I found out that I was pregnant when Cade was only about three months, that's the quickest I'd ever gotten pregnant after having a child," she explains.

15 months after giving birth to Callie, Courtney found out she was expecting again, and gave birth to Cash.

But again, around three months after her son Cash was born, Courtney found out she was expecting again, only this time, it was twins.

"Of course, it was a surprise even though we both had twins on both sides of the family. 

"And then I knew then after getting over that shock, that twins usually come early. So I knew then that I most likely would end up with Irish triplets."

Cash and twins Colt and Case, were born just ten and a half months apart.

The couple then welcomed Calena into the world and Caydie followed thirteen months later.

But in a similar twist of fate, Courtney found out she was pregnant with Caralee three months later, who entered the world four days before Caydie's birthday.

Finally, Courtney and Chris had three more children – Caralee, Caris, and baby Cambria.

Despite having so many children born close together, Courtney explains that she makes sure their birthdays feel special to each of them.

She says: "I've always tried to make them feel special."

"I always give them their own day with their own cake. Whatever cake they want."

While many may find having 12 children overwhelming, Courtney says she loves her home constantly being filled with noise and laughter.

She adds: "It can be overwhelming for some people 'cause they're not used to that.

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"But I mean, we're used to it so we're fine, it's fun, but it is loud. And of course messy, with that many kids there's always a mess."

However fun it might be, Courtney and Chris have no plans to add to their family, and 12 children are seemingly the right number for them.

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