I’m a mum-of-16, live in a mansion & buy £51k cars for my teen kids – just a few years ago I was so poor I had SIX jobs

A mother of 16 kids has revealed how she and her partner can afford such a big brood – and what they do for a living.

Tiffany and Benji Nelson, from America, are the proud parents of 16 kids, ranging from 23 years old to two years. 

But while many assume they earn an income from YouTube, the busy mum admits they’ve only been sharing videos on social media for a few years.

In a short clip shared online, she adds that they actually built their stunning mansion which sprawls over three floors, features 10 bathrooms and even has its own gym, before they ever even did one video on YouTube.

“Let’s just say, at one point, Benji and I had six jobs between us,” she explains.

When Benji and I were first married, we were dirt poor. We had so many jobs between the two of us.”


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I worked in an ice cream shop and I was also a distributor of newspapers."

Then in the morning, Benji and I would deliver newspaper bundles to all the paper boys – that was fun at 4 o’clock in the morning!”


And we’d go and deliver salt to all of the nearby grocery stores so they could salt the roads when it would snow."

She continues: "Also Benji used to work for the events service for the university we were going to."

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It was really awesome because he would set up all the chairs and get everything out, and while they were actually holding the event he could do homework in the back which was really good for him."

And finally on date nights, we used to collect cans. Very glamorous!"

We collected cans three days a week, every week and in one year, I think we saved about £729 from collecting cans."

So that was also doing good for the environment and saving us money."

Tiffany, who has spent £51,000 on a car for one of her teen kids, went on to say they had saved a whopping £15,351 by the time Benji had graduated university.

“We bought our first house and did the landscaping and a few things and sold it two years later," she explains. "We sold it for £23,000 more than we’d bought it for, so then we had £38,000."

Then we bought another house and did the same thing, fixed it up, did the garden and sold that one for £69,000 more than we had, so then we had a huge nest egg and were able to start building.”

Tiffany notes that at this point she realised she had a talent for drawing up renovation plans – adding that the first house they built, they sold on for double.

"And that's when the developing started," she adds.

The family live in a mansion which is spread across three floors, with the ground floor home to a kitchen, dining room, living area, outdoor chill out space and several bathrooms.

Meanwhile the 16 kids and parents all live on the upper two levels, but there's also a home gym, huge dressing room and a home office.

Mum Tiffany revealed she creates a menu each week showing the kids which meals are coming up, while there's also a huge chalk grocery list they can add to whenever they have a hankering for something.

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When they want to kick back and relax, the family take to the family room, which contains an enormous sofa and huge TV along with a piano.

There's also a huge dining table with a seat for every member of the massive 18-strong family, but that's not where they eat most of their means.

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