I'm a mum-of-four and never wear a bra – I chucked them out while pregnant and couldn't be happier | The Sun

A MUM of four who hasn’t worn a bra for six years aims to inspire other women to free the nipple.

Mara, who is pregnant with her fifth child, has a large social media following and noticed many of her fans had questions about her underwear choices.

The influencer, from Texas, even posted videos on her TikTok account 'The Amazing Mara' in response to both compliments and criticism over her decision.

She says: “Around 2017 I quit wearing a bra. I was nursing my third child and it was just easier not to have to worry about all that. 

“I found that I really enjoyed being braless versus the restricted feeling of wearing a bra.

“I am a pretty small cup size – an A – so it’s easier for me compared to some people who need the support of a bra. 

“I own one single bra I never wear it. I just would rather be comfortable and not worry if people care. 

“I’m confident with myself and choices and hope others can see that and gain confidence to do what makes them happy and comfortable as well.”

Mara adds: “I started seeing more people being confident in themselves and not feeling the need to wear a bra. 

“I soon became one of those people and have advocated for anyone who chooses not to wear one. 

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“I do post my life on social media and get comments from people asking why I don’t wear a bra.

“I will usually make a response video talking about it and get mixed comments. 

“Some positive from others who also don’t or wish they didn’t, and of course negative from those who feel it’s inappropriate to be braless.”

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