I’m a mum-of-two at 19, I became a teen mum by accident but I wouldn’t change anything despite what others say | The Sun

A WOMAN who found out she was pregnant at just 16 has revealed that she wouldn't change anything about her teen pregnancy.

Jocelyn Davis, now 19, has two children under the age of two and says she wouldn't change getting pregnant young despite her initial pregnancy being an accident.

Taking to TikTok, the young mum based in Utah revealed that she first found out she was pregnant when her period was late and her boyfriend urged her to get a pregnancy test.

The couple decided to go to a local park toilet to take the test which instantly came out positive much to Jocelyn's surprise as she said the chances of her getting pregnant were 'extremely slim'.

Shortly after her birthday Jocelyn's mum asked her if she was pregnant and Jocelyn confirmed the news.

She added: "Were my parents supportive about it? No.


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"But were they very helpful? Yes."

The mum revealed that she decided to announce her pregnancy on social media after a family member leaked the news.

She added: "The amount of hate I got through this app alone (TikTok), and through Instagram and through my own friends was brutal."

Jocelyn said that during this time the only thing that made her feel loved was her child and her boyfriend.

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The mum added; "It wasn't until after I had the baby and proved to people I could be a good mum that people started to back off."

Now, Jocelyn is married and has two children under two.

Despite people's cruel comments towards her teen pregnancy Jocelyn says it was all worth it.

In a comment, she wrote: "it’s truly such a blessing in the end even to this day restless, rough days still continue to be so worth it."

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Despite some members of family and friends being unsupportive of her pregnancy, Jocelyn received lots of praise and love on her TikTok account.

One wrote: "I'm sorry people and family weren't very nice. That is when you needed all the support."

Jocelyn replied: "You truly find out who’s worth your time very quickly."

Another person commented: "You are so strong Jocelyn and you can do anything you put your mind to."

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A third added: "You are so so so brave, what a beautiful life you’ve built."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "You are AMAZING and I'm so proud of you."

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