I’m a nurse & baby daddies always say the worst things when women are giving birth…one even asked for a DNA test | The Sun

A LABOUR and delivery nurse has revealed the worst things baby daddies have said while their other half was giving birth.

Romi Joy has left social media users totally gobsmacked after sharing some of the most shocking comments men have made while their wife was in labour – from asking for a paternity test to stopping the epidural.

In a clip shared to TikTok, the nurse, who posts under the handle @romi_joy, begins with perhaps the worst one of all: "Y'all do paternity tests here? (After baby came out)."

Next, Romi reveals that baby daddies have also said to her: "Don't let her get the epidural."

According to the nurse, others have asked whether they can hook up their gaming system, while some have had the cheek to complain about the labour "taking too long."

Sharing the final thing baby daddies have said to her, Romi recalls: "I'm going to go get food for myself."


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She captioned the post: "Like no, my patient her choice – sorry dad."

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 1.1 million views and hundreds of comments – many from women who have given birth.

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“'Don’t let her get the epidural'” – I'M SORRY WHAT," raged one.

Romi replied: "Happens more often than you think!!!"

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A second penned: "Why does he care if she has an epidural or not???"

A third commented: "Or the 'don’t forget to put an extra stitch in for me.'"

Romi responded: "Ahhh I forgot this one!!! I hate when they say that!"

Meanwhile, a fourth asked: "Who is he to suggest whether she gets epidural or not the audacity?"

Another quipped: "Literally GASPING at every statement. The audacity!"

A further noted: "Don't forgot, 'I'm tired' or 'my back hurts from this chair.'

"My personal fave is when they get to postpartum and say 'is that bed for me?'"

And one more joked: "No cus I will be getting epidural even if I don't need it just to be petty, if he says something like that!"

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