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THERE are few things more frustrating than your child constantly answering you back.

And if you have a little one who can't resist a cheeky retort, it's likely you've already tried a few ways to try and stop them from doing it.

However, according to parenting expert Sue Welby, owner of Littlelifesteps, there's a simple, but somewhat unusual, technique you can try which may well stop your child in their tracks.

"Children often answer back as they like the argument – it makes them feel powerful," Sue explained.

"But when we tell them off for it, we end up falling into a power struggle with them."

It can also be difficult to maintain your composure when you're telling a child off for answering back.

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So, instead of doing that, Sue suggests trying something that surprises your child.

"Lay on the floor with your hands and feet spread out and sing a song loudly," she said.

"They then start thinking, 'What is mum doing?'

"They may even join you and you can have a bit of fun and connection and then the moment has passed."

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Sue gave an example of a child answering back when you tell them it's bedtime.

Once doing something to surprise them, you can say to them, "Now, where were we? Oh yes, bath time."

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"As the moment has passed they can often then cooperate," she added.

Sue has had much success teaching parents about the technique, and enables them to put their child "at the centre for a calmer and happier home".

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