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EVERY parent thinks long and hard about what to name their children, and every parent is always convinced they have found the perfect moniker.

However, one teacher has revealed that there are certain names that have immediate negative connotations that she dreads seeing on her register.

Taking to Reddit, the woman revealed that she and her husband both work as educators and had been struggling to name their own child.

In her post, she wrote: “As we brainstormed possible names, the conversation turned into a discussion of kids we have taught in our past that either enhanced the name (one we might name our child) or completely destroy the name (one we go no way).”

The teacher then shared her list of positive names and negative names, and the reasons why she disliked them or liked them

Listing the positive ones, she wrote: “Olivia – super smart and high achievers. They are talkative but will get their work done. They're quick learners and charming.

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Anthony – super chill, very kind and tend to work hard. They don't cause s*** in class and will sit down and get their work done.”

The mum-to-be then went on to reveal the names that she and her husband both had an aversion to, and they may surprise you..

She wrote: 

Isabella/Annabella/any name with a "bella" – low achievers, have zero interest in school and are glued to their phones/socials. I have not met one that works hard and achieves good marks.

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Emily/Emma – super introverted which is not necessarily a bad thing from a classroom management perspective. But they are so quiet, they almost have no self-advocacy skills and never ask questions or help. They tend to be pushed around and followers. Not academically strong. Nice quiet kid though.

Jonathan – super annoying and mouthy. Whenever there's a Jonathan in my class, I let out a loud sigh and mentally prepare myself for an annoying kid.

Kyle – my husband has associated this name with the most annoying kid in his class. Mouthy. Can't sit still. Doesn't do s*** in class. ‘Sir are you mad at me?’ every 10 mins every day.
Any old biblical name like Elijah, Jeremiah, Joshua, etc – my god. They go to the washroom and return 30 mins later. Rarely gets any work done. Argumentative and does not follow rules.”

So if you want your child to be well-liked by their teacher, it might be best to avoid a Johnny or Emma.

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