I’m a teacher in my 20s – I’m trolled for posting bikini pics on social media but I don’t see the big deal | The Sun

A TEACHER poked fun at critics who label her beachwear "inappropriate," despite concerns from her peers in the comments.

Several supporters argued with trolls, pointing out a major oversight that places responsibility on students' parents.

In a TikTok post, second-grade teacher Madi Deweese (@miss.dew) shared a montage of photos she'd posted to Instagram.

Though the photos would be considered innocuous if posted by any other 20-something, Deweese's career earns a different reaction.

She shared a series of snapshots from beaches in Florida, which showed her in various resort-ready outfits.

A few of the photos showed a rear view, with Deweese looking back over her shoulder in belted jeans or fitted pants.

Others showed her wearing a bikini while striding out of the surf, posing on a boat, or holding a tropical drink.

In the video's caption, Deweese shared one of the most often-heard, unhelpful comments she receives from trolls.

"Teachers shouldn't post pictures like that on social media," Deweese wrote, pithily quoting her critics.

"OMG no, not a bikini at the beach," a sarcastic Deweese added in the caption.

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Despite Deweese's strong stance, a few commenters asked her how she'd react if her students found her social media.

"They’re seven years old!" Deweese exclaimed in response. "If they found it they would think, 'Oh, my teacher's at the beach.'”

Deweese also wrote in a comment that she lived in Florida – it would be unusual for her to hide how often she went to the beach.

Other commenters, some of them teachers, pointed out that elementary school students shouldn't be looking at Instagram.

"The social media age is supposed to be 13," one argued. "If they find it, that’s a problem for their parents."

Some teachers warned they'd been "stalked" by parents who were desperate to see a glimpse of the teachers' personal lives.

"I’d just be worried about 'that parent' making my life harder than it needs to be," one teacher wrote.

But most comments supported Deweese.

"I think it’s odd that people hold teachers to some odd double standard," one wrote. "You have a life outside of your profession."

Another pointed out that in "literally any other job this is no problem at all."

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Several teachers made funny comments about wearing cardigans and baggy clothes to the beach, the pool, and anywhere else.

"Didn’t you hear? Teachers have to wear full turtlenecks and long johns to the beach these days," one joked.

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