I’m a vet med student – eight dogs I’d never own, including a breed that’s ‘fat’ & makes your hand stink when you pet it | The Sun

A VETERINARIAN student has revealed a number of dog breeds she would never own.

But comments to her post took issue with some of her choices, which featured several family favorites.

Aisling Doyle (@aislingdogle) has encountered many breeds in her studies, and in her estimation, there are several she would avoid.

“Dog breeds I would never own as a vet med student," she said in her post.

The little Dachshund was first on her list, and she was not impressed with them.

"I've never met one without behavioral issues," she said. "They are yappy with spine and leg issues."

Next up was the Labrador Retriever. As far as Aisling was concerned this lovable pooch was, "always fat and your hand always stinks after petting one."

A number of flat-nose doggies were also on her red list.

These included the Pug, English Bulldog, and French Bulldog.

"Any flat-nose breed shouldn’t be allowed to own these," she insisted. "Too many health risks."

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The adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also showed up, but again there were health concerns.

"Really cute," observed Aisling, "but also a lot of health issues. The gene pool is too small."

Despite their elegant appearance, the Italian greyhound could also be delicate: "Also cute but can’t run without breaking a leg," she said.

Finally, the strapping German Shepherd was not immune to health concerns.

"Hip dysplasia is a huge problem for this breed," said Aisling in conclusion.

Dog lovers in the comments section had their own views.

“We’ve had three Labradors and never had a fat one. That’s the owner’s fault, not the dog's,” was one passionate response.

Labradors do not smell, according to this owner: “Sorry, don’t agree. My lab is not fat at all and my hand never smells after touching him.”

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But there was agreement about the sausage dog: “As a multiple Dachshund owner, I agree with you.”

The final pithy remark was certainly no fan of the flat-nose breed: “Pugs are the worst, and ugly as f*ck.”

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