I’m an interior design expert – the 3 WORST decor trends of 2022, are you guilty of any? | The Sun

THERE are some interior design trends that need to get the boot, according to one expert.

Are you guilty of any of these decorating blunders?

"Here are some of the worst interior design trends of 2022," an interior expert on the Vybe Interior TikTok account began in a video.

First, the woman said that feather-stuffed couches need to go.

She explained that these couches are so hard to take care of because no matter what, they end up looking saggy.

Next, she stressed that decor with words such as "live, laugh, love" shouldn't be used.

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And finally, a basic all-white interior kitchen was on her list of "don'ts."

"Now I am guilty of this one too, but I feel that it's time that we spice things up a little and add some color," she explained.

Some commenters were in full agreement with the woman's opinions.

"Omg, you’re 100 percent on the down couch. Mine always looks like a raggedy mess," said one.

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"Thank goodness the all-white kitchen is gone!!! Never a fan. I mean it’s a kitchen," joked another.

Others liked some of her points but took issue with others.

"White kitchens will always be classic. Agree on all of the others. Word art is offensive," said another commenter.

One person with a word of advice replied: "It’s so easy to update a white kitchen with accessories! You don’t have to break the bank. Plus you can change it with the seasons!"

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